contemporary fine art in fused glass

Since childhood, Denise has been seeing the world with her own unique vision: noting the lines of objects, the particular way a shadow fell, the hidden textures of the world. She first “borrowed” her mom’s camera at 6 or 7 and that passion carried her through college and to San Francisco and the world of advertising photography. After 6 years as a big city girl, she found a quieter environment with her husband-to-be in Davis, CA and came to realize that her need to work as a photographer was becoming second to her spirit’s need to find expression through art. Photography was moving ever further into the digital age; with her creative spark re-ignited, she was ready for a different medium. She explored clay and fabric extensively but in 2005, when she moved to Steamboat Springs with her husband and year-old daughter, it was the kiln-worked (fused) glass that would become her focus. A few months later she attended the first meeting that would result in the founding of the Artists’ Gallery of Steamboat in late 2006, and finally she had a place to showcase her evolving artwork.

Since then, her work has grown through varying styles and color palettes, through traditional glass platters and bowls, to her current focus on glass as pure aesthetic, as artwork that may or may not be functional, and to include the line of jewelry that she launched in the summer of 2012. Years of darkroom work taught her to see the absence of the subject itself, to see its space and its shadow, to see in the negative; often when an idea emerges for a new piece, this vision helps to pare the mental image down to the shapes, lines and shadows that ultimately become her design.

In Progress...