Modena Reserve in Kensington, MD: 2021

It is human nature to strive, to grow, to be ever moving upward; regardless of one’s religious or spiritual background, this forward momentum has always felt to me like moving toward the light – no matter what stage of life one is in, the goal to always keep one’s eyes fixed on a higher point, moving upward toward the light, is a worthy destination.

This suspended piece in kiln-formed glass and acrylic is the focal artwork in the lobby area of this senior retirement community. It was, at that point, the largest piece I had created; the design printed out to size covered much of my studio floor. Because it was suspended, there was truly no way for me to test install it before shipping it to Maryland; I taped up the design in my living room to figure out exact height for the pieces and sent it with detailed installation instructions; the installer did a brilliant job following them perfectly!